Sweet alchemy bingo

Sweet Alchemy Bingo is a combination of slot and bingo. You can play up to four cards at the same time. Each card contains random numbers from one to ninety. When the action button is pressed, thirty balls are released that check off the numbers on the card. If you have a winning pattern, you win the prize. The bonus round is worth up to 5000 times your original bet.

This game uses a coin-based win evaluation algorithm. You will find separate selectors for the coin value, the number of coins you bet, and the number of cards. Each of these fields refers to the number of bingo cards you have to win. In Sweet Alchemy Bingo, the maximum bet is $6,625. If you win, you can earn up to 6,625x your initial bet.

This fun bingo game has a simple interface. You can select up to four cards to play at a time. You can activate these cards by selecting the “New Cards” button before the game begins. Once you’ve activated your cards, hit the green play button to begin. Each round begins with 30 balls being drawn from a candy cauldron. The number of balls on the cards will determine the prize you win.

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