Casino Gambling: Always Remain an Important Part of People

For some it is a leisure activity, for others it is an important part of life: casino gambling. Everyone knows it, but very few people have so far taken a look behind the “facade”. Where does the term gambling actually come from and why do people play at all? In the following, we dealt with the origin, the charms and the causes of gambling and of course also answered those important questions.


When did gambling start?

“Gambling is as old as humanity itself”. This saying is well known, but not exactly true. It is true, however, that casino gambling has been part of human life for thousands of years. According to the current state of knowledge, it is assumed that gambling has been going on since around 3,000 BC.

For example, cubes were found that can be assigned to this era. The origin of the game of chance is seen by many researchers in China, since most and oldest finds were recorded there. At the same time, there are at least references to gambling in Indian scriptures or Greek mythology. The oldest form of casino gambling is the dice game, which is said to have been introduced around 2,000 BC.

Unsurprisingly, casino gambling was forbidden in its early days and was sometimes subject to draconian penalties. In ancient Rome, for example, entire houses were confiscated and citizens expropriated when they played a game on their premises. In later Europe, on the other hand, gambling did not really arrive until the 1830s, when the first casinos opened. The offer at that time was of course extremely small and cannot be compared with today’s portfolios and offers from the casinos. In any case, society’s attitude towards gambling has changed significantly, so that players now come from all walks of life.


The different forms of casino gambling

Gambling can be enjoyed and enjoyed in very different forms these days. For example, if you use an online casino, you can often choose from several hundred different games. These include, for example, classics such as dice games, roulette or black jack. In addition, of course, the slot machines should not be missing. Here, most providers differentiate between classic slot machines and the modern video slots. The classic slot machines are games that are usually played on three reels. Modern slots are played on five or more reels.

In addition to the variants mentioned, almost all casinos on the Internet also provide a so-called live dealer area. Here, customers can play roulette and Co. like in a real casino and rely on the game management by a real person. Sports betting and the state lottery also fall into the area of ​​gambling. Another gray area are the so-called loot boxes in video games, with which the players can receive improvements for their characters.


Why do we play at all?

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It is well known that gambling is popular. But why is that actually the case? What is there in us that keeps pushing us to place bets and take a certain risk? First of all, of course, the good feeling of victory. In addition to losing, playing also includes winning – and everyone likes to win. Be it in direct competition with another person or against a machine.

Whoever wins cannot just look forward to winning the game. Instead, something valuable is won here. So there is an additional incentive. And this can also be traced back to antiquity, where, for example, slaves, goods or women were played. In summary, it can be said


The charm of Fortuna!

The name Fortuna should be known to every player. This is a figure from Roman mythology, which is also known as the goddess of luck. Fortuna was originally known as the fertility goddess, but over time this was replaced by luck. Of course, this fact also has a permanent place in the gaming sector. So there is always talk of the hunt for the goddess of fortune Fortuna, at the same time the goddess was found in many casinos in the 18th and 19th centuries on the chips or chips.


Is online casino gambling better?

In contrast to the cone players or illegal slot machines from Berlin, gambling on the Internet is much safer. Anyone online casinos discovered can rely on licensing and regulation from a competent authority. This does not necessarily have to be a German authority; instead, the Maltese lottery and gaming authority, for example, can also be responsible for monitoring.

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In addition to licensing, this check also includes checking daily operations. This ensures that every provider adheres to the legal requirements and that a fair framework for the game can be offered. If a provider does not comply with the requirements of the licensing authority, the license can be withdrawn.

In addition, the granting of such a license is also tied to certain protective measures. For example, providers must ensure that only adult players can register and register. In addition, casinos have to offer their players various options for self-protection.

This is implemented, for example, by a loss limit or a maximum for the deposits in a certain period. In terms of security, it can also be mentioned that the casinos work online with encryption. This protection ensures that criminals never have access to players’ sensitive data. All in all, it can be clearly said here that online gambling can be described as safe in a proper framework.


Other advantages of casinos on the Internet

In addition to security, there are other aspects that speak for a registration and deposit in a casino on the Internet. The most interesting here is certainly the online casino bonus. Put simply, the new customers receive additional credit or free spins when they open an account with the provider for the first time or make a deposit. Such bonus offers often include several offers in one, which means that several thousand euros can be collected as a bonus amount.

Only the applicable conditions have to be observed, which have to be fulfilled, for example, before the bonus amount is paid out. In addition, the casinos on the Internet also offer the advantage that different payment methods can be used here. Recruits Online casino PayPal available, for example, is a very clear proof of professionalism and seriousness. The US payment service does not cooperate with every casino, but takes a close look at all partners in advance.

In addition, the payments in the casinos can also be made, for example, with credit cards, bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller. However, each provider decides individually which payment methods are available in detail.


Mobile casino gambling

The Internet is everywhere and everywhere. From the perspective of the players you have to say: luckily. This fact also massively favors online gambling again. And the players benefit from this: Today, every provider also provides a mobile game variant online. So you don’t always have to sit at a computer, but you can also place your bets in the subway, taxi or bus. You can even take advantage of the mobile offers in different versions.

Some of the providers offer you a native download app. You can then download this free of charge and then place your bets. Alternatively, some providers refrain from this download. Then you can even play the games directly in the browser without additional software downloads.

It doesn’t matter which manufacturer your device comes from. For example, you can play with an Android smartphone, but also with an Apple or Samsung tablet. In other words, nothing stands in the way of gaming fun on the Internet.


Bonus offers for online casinos

Another reason for the increasing popularity of online casinos is the bonus offers and extras. You will probably never have been greeted with an additional bonus balance in a casino or arcade. But online that is standard. Almost every provider offers you a welcome bonus when you register for the first time or make your first deposit. The good thing: These bonus offers are often really impressive and often bring in several hundreds or even thousands of euros.

And there is another good news: The new customer offers are by no means the only offers for you. As an existing customer, you will be provided with additional extras that are issued, for example, as regular promotions. In many cases there is also a genuine VIP or loyalty program. As a particularly loyal customer, you will benefit from very special deals for VIP players.


Casino gambling will always remain an important part of people

In summary, it can be said very clearly that gambling has always played a special role in people’s lives and will probably continue to do so in the future. The hunger for success and the desire for a beautiful triumph lie dormant in everyone. It is exactly these feelings that are served in gambling, at the same time, of course, it is also about real prizes.

These aspects together make gambling so special and ensure that it is one of the most popular leisure activities in Germany. There is no end in sight for the trend. Precisely because the game is increasingly accepted by the general public. All in all, we can look forward to an entertaining, exciting and hopefully happy future in the casino industry.

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