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Is there a more popular casino game than blackjack for free? Hardly likely. The branch of card game 17 and 4 has been the top dog in casinos and online casinos around the world for decades. Countless variants, versions or thematic designs have enriched the gaming landscape of the casinos since then. At its core, it’s still all about the same thing: reaching 21 to beat the dealer. And you don’t even need real money for that, no. All reputable online casinos offer you the opportunity to play black jack just for fun.


How do you play blackjack for free?

Blackjack is perhaps the most famous casino game in the world alongside roulette, so you’ve definitely heard the rules somewhere. In principle, you play in a duel against the dealer and have to reach the value 21 with your cards in order to win in any case. If you can’t do this, you have to get as close to this number as possible, but be careful if you exceed 21, the game is automatically lost.

blackjack for free

As a player, you can buy cards as long as you want or until you reach or exceed 21. The dealer, who is after you, works according to strict guidelines and has to draw cards until he has at least a 16 in his hand, but no more afterwards. If he overbids himself or he cannot beat you, you win. If there is a tie, the bet is returned as a “push”.

The card values ​​in blackjack are very memorable, because number cards correspond to their printed value, face cards count ten points across the board and the ace can be worth one or eleven points, depending on how you can use it and whether you have eleven points maybe even overbought. Aces are the big specialty of blackjack.

 The terms soft and hard hand also apply to them. You have a soft hand when your ace counts eleven points, so you would get 13 to 20 points with the ace and a single number card. Your hand becomes a hard hand when it only counts one point, because otherwise you would overbought yourself. Another special feature: if you are dealt two aces with the first two cards, these are automatically split and you play two hands at the same time against the dealer.


Black Jack has these advantages for free

Every player will try at least once in his life to find his luck with blackjack. The game is too popular for this and the house edge of the casinos is too small. Before playing a real money game, however, it can be worth trying the free version of the game first.

To learn rules because even if blackjack is not a complicated game, there are still a few rules that may surprise you when you first appear. It is therefore much more pleasant for you to have this experience when there is no real money at stake and you can try it out to your heart’s content.


Play Blackjack for free on mobile

blackjack for free

Thanks to technology, you don’t even have to go to a casino or a computer anymore to play blackjack for free in the online casino of your choice, because now you can also use mobile devices on the comfortable couch, the balcony or on the bus and train.

Simply logged in via the mobile site of the online casino, you can easily access your favorite games via your account, whether for free or for real money. And thanks to the responsive design and HTML5 standard, the games look just as good on your tablet or smartphone as on the big screen of your computer.


Basic rules to be followed

Gather experience

In blackjack, not everything depends on luck or the random number generator. With your decisions in each phase of the game, you determine how it will develop. Whether you stop (stand), buy tickets (hit), double (double down) or split your pair (split), everything can matter at the end of the round, whether you win or lose.

Above all, you gain valuable experience in finding the right time to stop buying more cards. Cards that look good to the inexperienced layman at first glance can turn out to be a lossy hand. If you play blackjack for free, you can make a beginner’s mistake without risk and practice your game strategy and win at blackjack.


Play for fun only

play for fun

What often gets lost is that blackjack is just a damn exciting game and really fun. This can sometimes be lost when real money is in play, as you only concentrate on your account balance. If you play black jack for free, you can simply enjoy the classic casino game and relax completely.


Tips for blackjack for free

Black Jack is a game in which you can constantly improve yourself through practice. To help beginners get started, there are a few basic tips to help you win your first hands against the dealer.


Never insure

With blackjack, there is the possibility to insure yourself against a blackjack of the dealer, i.e. ace with the first open card and a subsequent 10-card. However, you have to give up half your bet and only get your original bet back in the case of rare blackjack at the dealer. Statistically speaking, insurance is not worthwhile for the player.


Split Aces and Eights

As mentioned, the 16 is a miserable hand. If you get two eights, you should always split them and try to buy a better hand with each eight (after all, with a picture card it would be 18 points). If you get two aces, they are automatically split because you have the chance to score 21 points twice with a ten or a face card.


Play blackjack for real money

If the free game is not enough for you, you can of course switch to real money games. Since black jack is the most popular table game, every online casino will offer you numerous variants of black jack and in many cases even a live casino, where you will be switched to a real casino where you can fight a meat and meat dealer Blood play. The only real casino feeling is when you are sitting at a table in a real casino. And thanks to the low house edge, which you can reduce to an average of less than 0.5% with your decisions, your cash register will also ring.

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