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Scatters Casino with over 2,000 Video Slots, Game Cards, Table Games & Live Dealer Games. Launched in late autumn, Scatters Casino is the creation of a small group of enthusiastic video gaming enthusiasts who are also avid casino experts and expert card game players.


Provide the ultimate online gambling experience at a very reasonable price

Scatters Casino is not a funded gaming site; we estimate its cost to be somewhere in the region of one or two thousand dollars, which includes software, hardware, website development, marketing and software support.

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“What’s in it for me?” asked a typical casino bonus hunter. “There’re numerous promotional offers, promotions and bonuses within the web site. Each promotion can have a specific purpose. In our Scatter review, we’ll cover some of these different features so that you know exactly what to expect when visiting the online casino.

“We will review the customer support aspect of Scatter Casino very carefully”, concluded our Scatter review. “A lot of websites that claim to offer exclusive bonuses and promotions – do not deliver. We found that the customer support system of “Scatter” is quite good, even though it’s a bit basic. Other casinos with lower customer support often have hidden costs and that may harm the credibility of the online casinos.”


Have been a lack of transparency in their business practices

In case you aren’t aware, online casinos use many offshore banking methods to facilitate payments and transfers of funds.

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While they do a great job of hiding these facts from their users, there is still the possibility that the information could be misused by the site’s employees. Most legit casinos would never ask their customers to deposit money into their accounts via a foreign financial institution. This is probably why most legitimate reviews of this casino leave out any mention of banking methods.

The best part of Scatter Casino review is that it gives you information about all the different promotions and contests that are offered regularly. In addition, it includes information about the welcome bonuses offered with each game. For example, the “special offer” that lets you collect a free spin whenever you play the slots is called the welcome bonus. It is tempting to continue playing on a regular basis as long as the casino pays you; however, if you notice that this offer is repeated throughout the year, it’s time for you to stop playing for awhile and see if there are better offers around.

Another aspect of the Scatter Casino review that we’d like to focus on is the variety of slots games offered. There are slots for every skill level, and they offer not only progressive slots but also slots for those just starting out on the game. On the other hand, there are daily promotions that include daily spins with “free” spins every Wednesday, and these promotions are usually announced weeks in advance so you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure out when they’ll be available.


Scatters Casino bonus money itself

What makes it unique is that its structure is designed to award people who play the slots with a percentage of their total bankroll regardless of whether they win or lose. Some casinos award loyalty points instead, but the Scatter Casino bonus money is nowhere near as lucrative.

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Loyalty points can be used for any purpose that you wish, but there is a limit of course. We’ve heard some people suggest that you should use loyalty points towards purchasing actual chips instead, but that might be a little too risky. The loyalty points that you earn from playing in the Scatter Casino are, however, quite substantial.

People often wonder what exactly their rewards will be when they play in the Scatter Casino. They will receive spins every time, and the amounts will vary between players. Some people will end up making a lot more money than others simply by taking advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the casino. If you’re looking for a fun new online gaming experience, this might be a great place to start. Plus, since there are no real objectives other than to have fun, it’s unlikely that you’ll go back empty handed again.